Why should I download the free Kaizen Plugin?

Because it will double your productivity with MadCap Flare!

What can I use it for?

MarkDown Import

By importing MarkDown files to Flare you can let your SMEs contribute in a format that is platform-independent, intuitive, easy to learn, human-readable, and uses plain text while providing basic formatting. Supports both tables and LaTeX equations. See video.

Tag Replacer

With the Tag Replacer you can replace tags and attributes in all topics and snippets in your project, or even across multiple projects. See video.

Topic Splitter

With the Topic Splitter, you can work in a single Flare topic so that you don’t have to decide up-front what structure your project should have. You can let it develop in an organic, agile way. When you have nailed down the structure, just click Split by H1-H2, and all the topics and even the TOC is created for you. See video.

Data Import

With the Data Import tools you can create topics, snippets, or other XML files from different data sources. This lets you maintain data in, for example, Excel, and then create the topics using a template file. See video.

Glossary Farmer

Presents you with a list of potential glossary candidates from your current project to help you get up and running fast.

Word Cloud Generator

Click a button to create a Word Cloud from the most used words in your project, or from any folder. See video.

To Do Notes

Quickly add To-Dos using annotations. Gives you a complete overview of tasks in your project. See video.

Import a Glossary from Excel

Import a glossary from Excel. This lets you collaborate using Excel.

Bookmark Headings and Create a TOC

This creates a bookmark for each heading, and creates a TOC that links to those headings.

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Release Notes


  • You can now install the plugin wherever your MadCap Flare installation lives. Yay!


  • You can now use the Topic Splitter to split topics where your headings are wrapped in DIVs. The resulting, split topics will, however, not contain the divs.


  • You can now apply the [%=System.LinkedTitle%] variable to all linked TOC entries.


  • You can now bookmark all topic headings, and create a TOC linking to those headings with a single click.
  • You can now open your To-Dos as a topic in Flare to format and print it.
  • You can now import a glossary from an Excel file.


  • The Word Cloud html file now responds to resizing.
  • Corrected a bug in the template select functionality.


  • You can now only use the Topic Tag Replacer on topic files in the current project.


  • You can now click anywhere in the TODO-notes grid to open the corresponding topic.
  • File and folder dialogs now open in the folder of the currently selected file, instead of always opening in C:\.
  • The installer now asks you to close MadCap Flare before proceeding.


  • You can now use the repeat attribute with the Data Import functions, e.g. <div repeat="true"> instead of <div class="repeat">
  • The TODO-notes now show all annotations that start with an all caps word and a colon, e.g. "REVIEW:" or "VERSION2:".

Mattias Sander

I love to create automated solutions to time consuming tasks and problems. I'm one of those people who would happily spend 5 hours automating a task that would only take 2 hours to complete manually. The magic happens when the solutions are shared, and someone else can save time without spending any time on the solution. By developing the Kaizen Plugin I hope to ease your frustrations and make your work more fun.

Would you like me to help you automate your processes and workflows, or import legacy content to MadCap Flare? Send me an e-mail at mattias@improvementsoft.com, or read more at www.improvementsoft.com. I sometimes blog at www.techwritingengineer.com.